Solie Art Walk

Everett Art Walk May 17th

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Thursday May 17th 6pm-10pm 3301 Colby Ave Everett, WA 98201
Solie Funeral Home is pleased to announce our May 2018 Everett Art Walk. Doors will be open from 6pm-10pm. Free parking, wheelchair access and refreshments provided.

Art Walk Featured Artist: Kat Miller

Although I have been an Everett artist for 20 years you will probably search the back of your mind to remember me. That’s because I also own a local business that has nothing to do with art. I was the art curator at a popular IPA bar during past Everett Art Walks . My work has been displayed at many local businesses including Wood Fire. I have done many of the street fairs and am well known in the local artist community. I have been a landscape/nature photographer since my early 20’s and am now 67. I didn’t start displaying my art until I moved to the little Historical Township of Lowell which is a suburb of Everett. I had the great fortune of meeting Jules Anslow and sharing an art studio with her at Lowell Artworks. That was my introduction to the Everett art world. I am self-taught photographer and artist. I create art with my photography using software filters and materials such as canvas, aluminum and water color paper.  Most recently, I’ve recently completed a photo transfer to glass. I love experimenting and then creating a unique and beautiful piece of art. Contact me via email at:

We are also showing paintings by Jason Otto:  And photography by Matthew Barnes:

All artists have works available for purchase! Support our local artists anytime you are needing artwork to make your space more attractive.

Call to artists: If you are interested in performing or showing your artwork at Solie Funeral Home please contact Holly at: