William Charles Gutschmidt has been lifted by the legion of angles who has protected him during his Christian life.  He has gone to be with his God, in Heaven.  William was born in Langdon North Dakota in 1937.  He was one of 12 children.

His mother and father, Pearl and Edward moved their family to Seattle Washington so their children could be educated or learn a trade.  Many became successful contractors like their father.

William owned a General Contracting business for many years and was very successful.  He hired his brothers at times and his two best friends, Alfred Bing and Tony Berin. Alfred led the Norwegian resistance in the 2nd world war, surrendered his troops and was put in a concentration camp for years.  Upon his release he escaped to America.  He worked for William and they became lifelong friends, goat hunting in the glaciers of the highest mountains and drop fishing into lakes where no trails had ever been walked.  Tony’s family was killed in Communist Czechoslovakia.  He escaped to America as a brick layer and worked with William. Both became Commercial fishermen and fished together for years and years.  William loved the Sea.

His many fishing trips all over the Puget Sound and the Salish Sea made him feel free and alive.  His knowledge of the sea and nautical community made him a successful man.  Fishing alone, setting nets, setting anchors, watching the weather were difficult tasks for even the most experienced.

William was the quietest, kind, generous loving man who would give you his coat on a cold day and his food if you were hungry.   He loved animals and nature.  He had a peaceful spirit where all felt at ease with him. His stories from history, from the Bible or the many Kings and Queens of the world were always entertaining while sitting around the fire, bike riding, and horseback riding or just walking.  William loved his family and wanted so bad for his nieces and nephews to learn of the great Gutschmidt heritage that he was so proud of and made all of us the Good Smith in whatever trade we achieved.

He is predeceased by his parents Pearl & Edward Gutschmidt and his brothers Mylo and Everett and his sisters Marlyce and Carol. William is survived by his brothers Earl (Ruby), Ed, Roy, Ralph (Lori) and James (Marylou)  and his Sisters Joanne and Charlotte and his daughter Penny and stepson Michael Caragio.


Service will be at 12:00 Saturday September 7th Solie Funeral Home 3301 Colby Ave Everett 98201 425-252-5159

Interment will be at 2:00 Cypress Lawn Cemetery 1615 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett WA 98208

Reception to follow.

We want to thank the family and friends for their thoughtful kind wishes currently of sadness.