Our Mother, Ilo Nadia Thiele, passed away on Dec. 23, 2017, at the age of 92. She has gone home to Heaven to be with God, and reunited with our dad. St. John 14:6 Mom was born to Jimmy Love and Lucile Love (Benson) May 24, 1924, at Jefferson Island, Montana. She was the only girl, with four brothers. They nicknamed her Ike. She was the majorette in her high school band, and graduated from Ennis High. Moved to Washington State, where she met and married our dad, Glen Thiele, on October 16, 1943, in Enumclaw Washington. They moved to California and worked in an ice cream factory for several months. Dad received his papers for draft, and went into the Army the next day. Mom moved herself back to Washington State. Dad was stabbed guarding the Emperor’s Palace in Japan at the end of WWII. He was airlifted to Hawaii, Mom did not know for a month if he had come out of a coma. She was informed, by her brother, who was a pilot, that dad was ready to come home. Dad was the last person to see her brother; he and his plane disappeared. Mom and Dad owned Glen’s Grocery in Enumclaw, Washington. Dad started working construction and they traveled around the United States. Once I (Sharon) turned five they bought their first home in Lake Forest Park. Mom was our Brownie and Girl Scout Leader. They taught us about Christ and God, sent us to Sunday School in Lake Forest Park every Sunday. Yes…we walked. During this time, she worked as a telephone operator. Once I started school, Mom joined a bowling team, and took Sandy with her. Mom continued to bowl on leagues until she was 80. She said she could not pick up a
ball heavy enough to get it to knock over the pins. Mom and Dad joined the Elks, mom joined the women’s pinnacle club and they both attended dances. They loved to dance together and spend this time with their friends, Ray and Olga. Our parents enjoyed playing cards; pinnacle, poker and cribbage with family and friends. They traveled together all over the United States. Reno, Nevada and Ennis, Montana being their favorites. They enjoyed fishing and camping at every opportunity. We lived in New York when my sister and I were 5 and 7. The family moved into our new home in Lake Forest Park (Ballinger Terrace). We got Silky, our horse. We were amazed how Mom could run and grabs his tail and hoist herself up or grab his mane and swing herself up. Neither of us accomplished this. When we were 9 and 11 she took us cross country by train to visit her brother and his family in Chicago, Illinois. Dad continued to work construction, and in 1961 he went to Indonesia. Our brave mother; alone, with two girls (ages 10 and 12), flew to meet our dad. She had never
been out of the United States or flown before, but she took us to Hawaii, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jakarta and finally to Palembang, Indonesia. She was 37. She shopped for
our food at the bazaars, had our clothing made by local seamstresses, and negotiated with the farmers who brought their wares to our home. She joined a golf league and
continued to play golf until she was 86. While Dad was oversea working another job for 2 years, Mom managed North City Laundry. She helped our dad through his years on
kidney dialysis. Dad died in 2004, she lived in their home for eight years, then moved to a retirement community, and for the past three lived at an assisted living facility. The
staff at the facility loved what a kind and happy person she was. She made friends quickly, learned Wii Bowling and played bingo.

She is home with our dad now. She missed him every day. They were married for 61 years. She will be remembered for her trust in God, being a caring friend, loved animals,
her inner strength, being a wonderful mother, and always being there for us. She is survived by us her two daughters; Sharon and Sandy, her loving son-in- laws; Louis and
David, her brother; Jeff Love, three grandchildren; Kevin (Bonnie) Jim (Lucy) Jill (Eric), great grandchildren; Adam (Adina), Alexandra Nadia (Anthony), Hunter, Nolan, Elliot
and great-great grandchildren; LaLani, Brantley, Adaline, and McKenna. Mom will be laid to rest at Tahoma National Cemetery Friday, March 2.

  1. Patty (Black)Parsons

    Hi Sandy and Sharon. So sorry about your parents. I’ve been trying to locate you for years. Certainly not a happy way to find you.

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