Our Everett ArtWalk Featured December Artist:

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December 21st From 6pm-10pm.

Guest Artists:

-Matthew Barnes- (photography) email: matt@Mattbarnes.ca

-Lisa Anna Bull- (paintings) downstairs chapel show.

-Clayton Redpath- (paintings) fireside room show.

-John McAlpine-(paintings) www.johnmcalpineart.com. Featured artist for January 2018.

-Jason Grim- (paintings) –https://www.jagartworks.com/artwork – where needed – Front of chapel upstairs show.



It was part of my culture to do henna since childhood for special occasions, and I always applied it for
myself and others since a young age. It is an Indian and Eastern tradition to put it on during weddings as
a festive ornamentation and also for protection and blessings. Henna is a plant traditionally used to
temporarily stain the skin, hair, and nails. It is also known to contain Baraka or blessings for the
wearer. It is believed to ward off negative influence and energy as well as the evil eye. Brides are
adorned with henna for protection and blessings before entering into marriage. It is used to mark

I have been doing henna professionally for 6 years. I spent 5 years working for Mehndi Madness in
Seattle, doing henna all over Washington state at various fairs and events. I went through Krysteens
intensive apprenticeship to refine my skills, where we did henna for many hours a day a few days a week
for 4 months learning how to draw designs on paper before beginning to apply it on people
professionally. I also worked at the Seattle Waterfront Park Henna booth and right under the Space
Needle at Seattle Center, and at many Seattle Center festivals doing henna for the mass public. This was
a very interesting learning opportunity for me- during this time, It became very obvious that henna was
much more than just an art form, but a form of energetic healing. It took me a while to understand how
to move and deal with the energy of touching sometimes 70+ people a day. The symbolism used in the
drawing is not the only factor of the healing, but it is the application itself which is a transmutation of
energy, an alchemical art form which grounds the energy of the wearer. It is something that literally
brings a person into their body by making them feel their own skin and sense of touch. It makes the
applier and the receiver very present. The plant itself is soothing to cuts, scrapes, and wounds. It is a
salve and a sunblock. Because henna is a temporary art form with long term results, it teaches us the
beauty of transience and the present moment. Each moment is unique and beautiful in its own way.

After working for several years many times 7 days a week in the summer applying henna on tourists and
just anyone on the street, I realized that I really wanted to focus in and offer henna in a healthier way
that was not detrimental to my health. I wanted to be able to have more time to be present with the
people I am applying it on, in an environment that could nourish that. I needed to offer it as a method
of healing, even if the wearer was just getting a beautiful design and that was the point of it for them. I
created my own henna company which went through several name changes and now is called Mystic
Mehndi, which I think appropriately describes what Mehndi [henna] is. It is a magical medicine!

Other than henna, my favorite type of art is geometric, the real, the whimsical, and the absurd. I am a
ritual fire dancer which is also a form of energy work through balancing elements. Fire, being the
element of purification. I work with a company Smart with Art which provides Art Classes to schools
across Washington where I teach visual arts, including painting, cartooning, drawing.

I am so grateful to share my art with the people at Soleil Funeral home & Crematory. I think its
wonderful to be a part of the Everett Art Walk and offer henna for upliftment and joy. The temporary
can also be beautiful. Just as all forms, that also will subside- but what endures is the soul of the work.

I can’t wait to share fire dance with all of you. I have been fire dancing for many years. It is a profound
meditation and makes my heart shine, heals my soul. I hope that you will find joy and comfort in the
warmth and love that the light of fire can provide.

I am also a yoga/movement instructor and Thai body worker.

You can see some of my art at www.instagram.com/mehndimystic
https://hajeraahmed.crevado.com – Art Website
www.hajeraahmed.com – Sol Resonance Healing Arts
www.embodyshenyogaandbodywork.com – yoga and bodywork

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November Artists at Solie

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Everett Artwalk | November Artists at Solie Funeral Home and Crematory
Opening Night– Thursday, November 16th 6pm-10pm with refreshments:

Special Speaker: Renee Roman Nose – (Poetry Event) with open mic conclusion. 6pm-10pm – donations accepted.

Featured Artist: Lisa Bull – (Painting and Spirit Dolls)

Guest Artists: Matthew Barnes (Wildlife photography) – Karen Heistand (Astro Photography)

Lisa Bull

My story begins with my brother passing away at 32 years young.  Around that time, my mother in law gave me a box of beads and my first beading tools.  I began creating beaded necklaces for people who special ordered them.  While creating them, I would visualize raising & strengthening their vibration. I would also meditate on choosing a special outfit or the right look. I found great joy in the creation of beauty from the raw organic stone of our mother earth.

The Earth Mother Dolls, & Hands Healing the Spirit Dolls were created from those special jewelry designs.

I revealed my creations for the first time at the Women’s Art Show at Skagit Valley College.  The gallery helped facilitate path-making for people to travel out of the fog in their lives and into recovery.  I utilized the facility to go out and do small workshops making the dolls. They became therapeutic art tools.

In the beginning of May of 2005, I went through the process to volunteer at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. As I was gearing up to teach the doll classes, I had the unfortunate experience of being severely injured working as a CNA.

I had to have several procedures and operations, both shoulders have been operated on 4 times each, and my neck has had the nerve opening on the left side of my neck drilled out at 3 levels.  I was in such agonizing pain. I truly felt suicidal. I sought counseling. I had always felt like Wonder Woman and now here I was a shell of the woman I once was. Feeling such deep pain, I had nowhere to go but up.

My doctor had me make one of my dolls and It took me 3 months to do it. I did it. Each day has been like that one step at a time.

A long 13 years healing from such a devastating accident. I have had lots of time to heal on so many levels.

I have so much gratitude for my life being given back to me. I want to get back out in to the world and help others on their healing paths.  I want to help others struggling with pain issues to be able to embrace and express their feelings. I have truly embraced my emotions and intentionally sought guidance all along the way.

I feel that the depths of my journey, in my recovery process, has given me deeper insights in how to reach people who are wounded and have difficulty accessing their feelings. I feel that my art therapy really helps people to find ways to express their feelings where words have difficulty. I would like to share with you the paintings of the Healing Journey I have been on.


Lisa Anna Bull

Renée Roman Nose


Renée Roman Nose, MAIS,is  an enrolled member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, is an activist, artist, actor, poet, photographer, photojournalist, and cultural anthropologist. She is President of Fierce Courage, providing team building, wellness facilitation, diversity training, motivational speaking and poetry workshops.

She is a published poet, and her book, Sweet Grass Talking, has just been published by Uttered Chaos Press. Her art was featured earlier this year at the Kallet Theater in Oneida, NY. She is a mother, grandmother and a newlywed, married to Brian Patterson, Oneida Nation, Bear Clan Representative.

Artist Statement

Renée Roman Nose, MAIS, began her lifelong love of photography at eight years old, having been gifted an old Brownie camera from her Mother. Instantly captivated by this wondrous art form she has been avidly photographing her adventures, family, and friends, since then. She invites you to enjoy the beauty that she endeavors to capture through her lens.

Please contact Holly Mattie if you would like to be a guest artist: Holly@SolieFunerals.com425-252-5159www.SolieFunerals.com