April Artwalk Artists at Solie

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Solie’s Featured April Artists | Everett ArtWalk

April 19th 6pm-10pm
3301 Colby Ave
Everett, WA 98201 425-252-5159

Solie is pleased to announce our April 2018 Everett Artwalk!  Doors will be open from 6pm-10pm.

Refreshments, free parking and wheelchair access provided.

Featured Artist: Kat Miller – katmouse47@aol.com

Kat Miller’s artist reception is being held in the Fireside Room.

Meet the artist and hear about her artistic process of creation in her works.


We are also showing paintings by Jason Otto: http://ottoartwork.com/

And photography by Matthew Barnes: matt@mattbarnes.ca

All artists have works available for purchase and we encourage you to support our local artists anytime you are needing artwork to make your space more attractive.


Call to artists: If you are interested in performing or showing your artwork at Solie Funeral Home please contact Holly at: Holly@SolieFunerals.com


Solie Everett Artwalk February 15th, 6pm-10pm

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Solie Everett Artwalk February 15th, 6pm-10pm – refreshments, free parking, wheelchair access and meet the artists! Everett Art Walk/ Solie Funeral home

February featured artist Jason Grim
Jason Grim is a self-taught artist living in Everett, WA. Originally from southern California, Jason moved to the PNW in 2013 and has become very active in Everett’s art community over the past year. Although Jason enjoys using a variety of mediums, the majority of his current work is a combination of spray paint and paint pen. He also regularly creates scratch board pieces and one-of-a-kind melded artwork using copper pipe, wood, wire, computer parts and other odds and ends.
Jason considers himself to be “color obsessed”, and uses bold and bright color to add a unique element to much of his work. In his ‘Other World’ series, simple cityscapes are turned on edge with colored skies and brilliant buildings, showing what appear to be alien cities on far away planets. The newest series Jason has created, ‘Vivid Savagery’ uses color in an unexpected juxaposition to familiar images of military figures engaged in conflict, letting the viewer take away their own meaning. I expect Jason to become an integral part of the Everett art scene as he continues to push boundaries with the content and delivery of his pieces.
Also, please be sure to check out his new art supply store set to open in March 2018.
JAG Artworks
1806 B Hewitt Ave Unit 5
Everett, WA 98201


Works by these artists will also be on view February 15th from 6pm to 10pm.

Jason Grim – https://www.facebook.com/jagartworks

Jason Otto – ottoartwork.com

Lisa Bull – zaisho@hotmail.com

Matt Barnes – matt@mattbarnes.ca

Clayton Redpath – Live painting

Jessica Brooks – Visual Art

Rocks and gems – www.NWstonetrader.com

Aldrick Jensen – Visual art